Evangelist Andrey Shapoval is a servant of God and founder of Flame of Fire Ministry in Sacramento, California, USA.

Andrey was born on October 11, 1979 in Ukraine, in the village Korotych, the city of Kharkov, where he spent his early years. He was born the fifth in a Christian family where the father and mother, Anna, Anatoly Shapoval raised seven children. Parents of Andrey thought meekness and humility before God, educating their children in the spirit of God’s truth, which later influenced the life of Andrey.

At an early age Andrey demonstrated a special musical talent and creativity, and was fascinated by the world of music and poetry. Andrey invested lots of time in the creative process of creating new poems, music and songs to praise the Creator..

In 1995 the Shapoval family emigrated to the United States to the city of Sacramento, where they live and serve the Lord till this day. In 2002, the thirst for knowledge of God compelled Andrey to completely dedication his life under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. A few months after his devotion, Andrey had a supernatural encounter with Jesus Christ, which resulted in a number of other spiritual experiences that forever changed the attitude of Andrey to God and Christianity.

Andrey was never looking for miracles, however constantly seeking God and a personal relationship with Him. Every supernatural encounter Andrey had in his life was a sovereign choice of God, and has a connection to the purpose for the ministry and what God has called him for.

Also in 2002, Andrey married a beautiful girl Natasha, who became his faithful wife and a strong spiritual helper in the ministry. Andrey and Natasha’s have two children, a daughter Isabella and a son Elijah.